Drip is a multi-channel, multi-format content delivery platform. You can use Drip to deliver engaging, interactive, bite sized content to everyday apps such as WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams, at scale.  Take your Customer Education, Employee Microlearning & Community Engagement to new the next level with our innovative methods. Drip platform comes with powerful features like Drip Authoring Templates, a smart Drip Flow Builder, and DripSwitch which together ensure a rich interactive experience for your audience and agile administration.   

Here’s how it works: 

Your content teams create Drips using readymade templates on the Drip Control Panel, and automate their delivery using Drip Flows and our out of box integrations ensure that the content is delivered on time to learners on their every day apps. Innovative DripSwitch mechanism enables seamless learner transition to Drip Progressive WebApp delivering rich, interactive experience and ensuring high levels of engagement and measurability.   

It’s a sure-shot way to cut down the admin load and engagement friction. You can use Drip for employees needing on-the-go training, customers seeking timely education, and communities craving engaging content.   It is the answer for your diverse education and engagement needs in the attention deficient world.

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