At the core, we are a product company deeply interested in the subject of human intelligence and the science of human learning.

Keeping in view the challenges and opportunities that technologies like artificial intelligence are likely to present to the human society, education will need to find many new answers and soon. Therefore, at the beginning of our journey, we have chosen education technology as our area of focus. In the medium term, we propose to evolve a cross disciplinary approach by combining consumer and health technologies with education technologies to find our answer.

We beta launched our first product Bablr Early Learning in 2019. Bablr is an innovative solution for Early Care & Education (ECE) providers. Using Bablr’s content rich platform for 0-3 years’ education, ECE providers, parents and families can collaborate to conduct daily personalized learning sessions for the little ones. Bablr now has thousands of users worldwide.

As we grow Bablr user base, we are also deploying our powerful technology to create innovative and practical tools for continuing education and corporate learning. We are headquartered in London, UK and have offices in Mumbai, India. To keep updated on our current and future solutions, watch this space and do follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.


With our products, services and platforms, we wish to be a catalyst in building a great future for us humans in a world where growth in technology is challenging the relevance of human intelligence. That is why we have chosen to call ourselves “Neosap” which is a short version of “neo-sapiens” or the “future-humans”.  Our logo “OBI” stands for a future human.  It is made up of three mathematical symbols. Omega [Ω] at the top representing “greatness of mind”, Brackets [()] in the middle representing “self-control and balance” and Infiniti [∞] at the bottom representing “limitless possibilities”.  BTW, we didn’t plan for Obi to share  the name with the popular Jedi Knight from the Star Wars series. It is a coincidence conspired by the universe and we love it.  Obi looking like a “Yogi” is no coincidence. It is 100% design.