Bablr is a powerful Early Learning Platform for 0-3 Years. Using Bablr’s content rich platform, ECE providers and families collaborate to conduct daily personalised learning sessions for the little ones. It comes with a Flexible Curriculum, Slick Digital Platform for ECE Providers and Families, Add-on Play Material Boxes for Nursery and Home, Bablr Proprietary Algorithm for Focus on Each Child, and An Ecosystem of Collaboration & Support.

Bablr’s rich content, adaptive algorithm and powerful user tools empower all caregivers to conduct expert grade sessions irrespective of their own backgrounds and limitations. Let’s face it – first three years are difficult. In spite of their commitment, childcare providers, professionals, educators and families all struggle to maintain the consistency and quality of developmental inputs so critical in the formative years. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Bablr has changed the game by putting children at the centre instead of the facilities or the curriculum. It  provides an agile and cost effective way for all the stakeholders to collaborate with each other in order to create the right development environment around our little ones.   

It does take a village to raise a child and Bablr offers a smart way to bring everyone together. To know more about Bablr, visit Bablr Product Website 

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