L&D Teams & Educators around the world are busy adjusting to the new realities of the post pandemic world. For many, it is an ongoing challenge to adjust their learning methods and technologies to match the new realities of hybrid working.  But this brave new world presents many opportunities too. Especially for those willing to innovate.  In this multimodal world, where the boundaries between Offline and Online, Synchronous and Asynchronous modes are blurring, and adoption of technology is not a barrier, we can actually solve many chronic problems of learning. That’s why we have created Diwo – Your Digital-Learner-Workspace designed for the multi-modal world.  

Diwo is not here to replace your existing learning systems, but to be a bridge between them and the new world. It is here to augment them.   With Diwo, you can effortlessly author, distribute and manage Digital Workbooks and Activity-Based Video Courses. Diwo also automates your sessions management workflow. It brings both synchronous and asynchronous learning to a single system.   Diwo comes with a robust CMS, Agile Authoring tools, Multi-Layered User Management and Powerful Analytics for efficient learning administration. It also has a slick Progressive WebApp for learners that can be accessed seamlessly. Even in the physical classrooms, Diwo makes your entire learning workflow paperless.   

Diwo Digital-Workbooks can cut down your material costs by upto 90% and take learner engagement higher up to 3 times.  Diwo Activity-Based-Video-Courses can take learner engagement higher upto 2 times.  Diwo also cuts down the authoring load by upto 60%,  and trainer admin load by upto 80%.  Diwo is an innovative solution that will surprise you with it’s elegance and scalability. It is here to help you transcend the traditional learning boundaries. 

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