What we do

At Neosap, we are creating solutions and tools to empower learners, educators, administrators and organisations and solve real world education problems. Our current solutions cover early learning and corporate learning domains.

Early Learning

Our offering in this space is an innovative learning system for 0-3 years. It’s called Bablr Early Learning and is designed to support early childhood development ecosystem in more ways than one.

Using Bablr’s content rich platform for 0-3 years’ education, Early Care & Education (ECE) providers, parents and families can collaborate to conduct daily personalized learning sessions for the little ones. Bablr’s adaptive algorithm and powerful user tools empower all users to operate like pros, irrespective of their own backgrounds and limitations.

It takes a village to raise a child, they say. Keeping the child at centre of it all, Bablr empowers all stakeholders to do the right things at the right time.

Please visit Bablr Product Website to know more.

Corporate Learning

Our offerings in this space are focused on learner engagement and learning retention. We are currently building exciting microlearning and gamification products. To keep updated about our Corporate Learning solutions, connect with us on LinkedIn. Also, do send us a message, if you would like to know more.